Royce Reed, Jennifer Williams and Kesha Nichols: FIRED From Basketball Wives!

Somewhere, Dwight Howard flashing a big smile …
and not just because Stan Van Gundy will not be
coaching the Orlando Magic next season.
Dwight’s baby mama Royce Reed just got fired by
Basketball Wives along with Jennifer Williams and
Kesha Nichols, according to a new report.
It’s unclear who will replace them, but the trio is set
to get pink-slipped any day now as VH1 looks to drop
all “dead weight” from the show.
Royce (pictured) was cut because she isn’t allowed to
talk about Dwight due to a 2009 court order, blocking
her from discussing him in any way.
That’s certainly one way to limit her appeal. Some of
the other girls on BW also decided to ostracize her,
so Royce was 86’d from the cast.
As for the others, producers think Jennifer’s too big a
liability after suing Nia Crooks for slapping her on the
show. Kesha? She’s just boring.
A rep for VH1 said in response to the rumored casting
notes, “We don’t comment on casting until
everything is final. Thanks for checking in.”

source: hollywoodgossip

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