STAR TREK: Abakaliki comes alive with Flavour, J Martins and Naeto C



The venue was Abakaliki Township Stadium in
the normally quiet town of Abakaliki on Saturday
June 17. With only hours to go until Flavour, M.I,
Naeto C and J Martins hit the main stage for the
nationwide Star Trek 2012, the audience started to
troop in in their hundreds.
The show began as scheduled by 7pm, with talented
DJ Tony Blaze rocking the audience till 10 as they
continued to increase in number. MC Gideon
Okeke also anchored this edition, as he did the
previous day at Awka. By 10pm, over 3000 people
were already in the stadium gearing up for the
show. DJ Tony Blaze kept going on and on, dropping
contemporary joints. A little after 10pm, Gideon
called out five men for a dance competition to offer
the best two dancers slots in the VIP section. He did
the same for the ladies, to the pleasure of the
By 11pm, MC Gideon was calling upcoming acts to
come perform, starting with Zika, who quickly got
the audience to sing along as he threw out his CDs
to frenzied fans. Next up was Simi-jay, who sadly
didn’t do as well as Zika, and was promptly booed
off stage. After that was the duo of DeKings,
immediately followed by femcee Cisca, who wowed
the crowd with her funny dance steps and upbeat
Next up was the charismatic PI-SMOOTH, then
Artman, who was dressed in a fancy native regalia.
Jaykz came next, followed by ‘FP’ who looked like
a wizkid with his hoodie. Coming up next after him
was another duo – Flamez, followed by Lady
As soon as all the upcoming acts wrapped up their
segment, Gideon called on stage MC Whale-man
(winner of AY-Live 2012) to ease up the audience
with a few laughs here and there.
After him, one of the new discoveries of the show –
BMG stepped on stage. He was noticed at the Benin
edition of the show, where he wowed the audience
by performing a lot of old and new school joints on a
single hip hop instrumental. When asked about the
show, he said ‘It’s really been great to have been
discovered by the organisers, and I believe this is a
stepping stone for me.’ He added ‘there’s plenty
more I have to give and I expect God willing that I
can successfully shoot out my career on the big
stage via Star Trek’
Next up was Crystals, who performed their
rendition of Beyonce’s ‘who run the world’ and some
of their other songs. Their performance was top
notch, as it was in Awka.
At exactly 12:10am, the host, Gideon, announced
the entrance of Naeto C as Crystals left the stage.
Naeto C came on stage to the eagerly anticipating
audience, accompanied by a single backup singer.
Quickly going ahead to perform his hit singles – Ako
mi ti poju, kini big deal, I Gentle, Tony Montana,
5&6, and 10/10, with his signature smooth flow, the
influential rapper also got down off stage to mingle
with the fans as they screamed and shouted. He left
the stage a little before 1:00am.
At precisely 1.00am, J Martins stepped on stage,
applauded by the screaming fans. Accompanied by
a full band, J Martins performed hit after hit, starting
with Coolu Coolu Temper, Obi Mu Na, E No Easy,
Oyoyo, Fine Fine Love, Good or Bad, and his Jupa
remix. His performance was quite gripping as the
audience almost didn’t want him to leave.
Mr. Raw came next, also accompanied by his full
band and back up singers to perform his songs –
Nigger Raw Nwa Nem, and Strong and Mighty. He
brought along his protege, Hype MC to perform
with him before wrapping up with ‘Spiritual konji’
and ‘hip hop gyration’
Flavour came on at about 3:30am to the wildly
cheering fans with his DJ. He quickly bonded with
the crowd, performing ‘Oyi’, ‘Odiri Easy’ and
‘Adanma’. The crowd sang along to the music as
Flavour and his backup singer set the stage on fire.
After performing a few more of his songs, he wound
down his performance with his rendition of his part
in Omawumi’s ‘bottom belle’ then took a little time
to pay respect to the late MC Loph who passed
away last year in a road accident.
Then the short black boy from Jos, MI, came up last
to wrap up the show. He stepped on stage,
accompanied by his DJ, DJ Lamboghini. MI pulled out
many cuts from his previous albums such as ‘Beef’ ,
‘My Belle, My Head’, ‘Teaser’, ‘Anoti’ and ‘Most
Incredible’ to name a few. Not forgetting also the
popular track ‘One Naira’ which he performed to a
lady from the crowd, named Lucy. He also gave her
his neck chain after the performance.
Assisting M.I was light skinned eastern rapper
Phyno. He came on halfway through M.I’s set, and
together they performed ‘Multiply Remix’. Before he
left the stage, M.I thanked the crowd, saying ‘I am
so overwhelmed, I appreciate all of you. I appreciate
your love’.
It was a lovely show all in all,and fans were more
than thrilled, with one of them saying ‘The show
was very very good. Thanks to Star for bringing
Flavour here o.’ Another was thrilled with the calibre
of performers ‘J-Martins and Flavour o! This has
been a wonderful event. Getting to see these
artistes live is a wonderful experience.’

source: thenetng

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